Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things to look forward to

So other than playing around in the Provo Craft booth I also did a little shopping for the store.  Three of the coolest things are:

The Cinch and all the new accessories for it, oh my word they have come out with easy to feed coils in the coolest colors and they are all going to be heading to ScrappySales soon.  Here is a link to the new colors and coils

Next is the new Teresa Collins Stamp Machine, OMG this thing is soooo cool, even my husband wants to play with it LOL.  I told him I ordered enough for the store and he said "oh no, we have to keep one"  LOL

And I think one of my favorite new things is from Epiphany Crafts, it is a little epoxy maker.  You cut out the paper you want to use and then place the epoxy on top and press, out pops a wonderful epoxy.  I know it doesn't sound so cool with my description but the minute it hits my door I will do a video of it, you will LOVE it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Made it to Chicago, CHA here I come

Made it into Chicago Monday night around 10:30pm picked up Terrri (from the Cricut MB) at Midway and we were on our way to the hotel.  I will have to take pictures later around the hotel, it is different, but if you were not here with kids or an extended time I think it would be fine, we got a great rate, it's close to every place we need to be and it will do the job.

Here are some pics of the ride in from Muskegon, have to have my coke and twizzlers.

Will be heading to pick up Liza at the airport soon then on to CHA baby!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day with the boys

Here we went to Chuckie Cheese, wonder what they were thinking

Yoo hooo Circle invite

So excited, I got my invite today to attend the Cricut Circle/Provo Craft Event to announce the next great machine that PC is launching.  I was so excited you would have thought I won the lottery.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

WOW it looks like I have been slacking

But the truth is that recently I was stuck in airports for almost 3 days trying to get to FL to pick up my grandsons who are now staying with us for an undetermined amount of time.  I got back on Wednesday and we have been busy setting up a crib, getting all the needed items back in the house for 2 little ones.  And the last two days we have been either at the beach or park all day keeping them from waking up my DH who works nights.

As we settle into a routine (Gosh I hope it's soon) I will have some time to get back to my crafting.  Right now though its all about full time Nana-hood.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A little Spring Tea Party

Using Wall Decor and More, BaseCamp and the Expression and Cricut Cake we had a little Tea Party

All cuts with the exception of the lower case letters in the name Helen and afternoon tea all cuts were from the new Wall Decor and More cartridge.  I love making things that all match from invite to cake.

Just a HINT.  When using WD&M you will find all kinds of wonderful swirls left on the mat after removing your cut.  You can use these to dress up other items - such as I added some left over swirls to the "t" and "n" in afternoon.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a busy few days

We didn't really do much for the holiday, DH has been working almost everyday so he needed the rest.  Then I had the Fall Mini order come in and needed to be packed and shipped.  I have to tell you for a while there my living room looked like a cardboard recycling center.

A few orders that came in today will get packed and ready for shipping in the morning, a little errand running then I am hoping to get home and finish up a mini book I am working on.  And load all my new carts on the Gypsy now that the update is HERE  can we have a YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

How did you spend your holiday?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's here, I am Officially a Cricut Circle Member

After waiting not so well all day for just one little box, not ONE but TWO FedEx men show up within 5 minutes of each other.  The first one notified the second one that there was a crazy woman waiting for him with video and regular cameras LOL


Got my shipping notice from ProvoCraft, the fall mini's will be here on Tuesday and I will be up all night sending out requests through Paypal for the balance due for those that paid deposit only so be watching for this so that I can get your package out to you the same day it gets here.  Those that paid in full, your shipment will go out on July 6th also.

Thank you so much for making my first pre-order run smoothly.  From this point out all future pre-orders will run through the store.

Toy Story is expected to ship mid-July still.