Friday, September 24, 2010

Scarecrows go farmer instead

I had planned to have the boys looks like scarecrows for the Pumpkin Patch, however we could not find the hats and I ran out of time to sew some "hay" in the cuffs of the jeans and shirts so they look more like farmers instead, but they loved it and did not mind dressing up for Nana at all, but they would not cooperate with a 3 boy pose :(

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Imagine, Design Studio, Simply Charmed and Imagine More

Ok so I really like to be able to see layers and all the goodies when I am doing a layout.  I miss that right now on the Imagine (I mean it's there, just not like on DS or the G) and I don't feel like I can "play around enough" yet with my designs on the Imagine.

So what I did is played with everything until I got what I wanted in DS, walked my laptop over to the Imagine and just added by size all that I had on my mat in DS.

I used Simply Charmed for the scarecrow and phrase.  I used Imagine More for the red "flannel" shirt and the printed paper in the phrase.  Since I was using the Imagine ink, and there is no hide contour yet I just cut the cheeks and face the same color and inked them before I glued them down.  I will also ink the outside of the phrase before making the layout so that Okie doesn't have a cow.

I LOVE IT.  I tried to do a little inking and decided to have a coughing fit instead so my blue jeans look wet but o well, they really do look better in real life.

The next great American Crafter in the making

So this little man cut his first  tooth in a Michaels craft store, loves to play with ribbon and today took his first steps with the assistance of the Cricut Imagine box.  Not just a few steps he was over by the window playing with the box while I was on the phone talking with our very own BugBytes when I look and he is out into the dining room already (about 12ft he had already gone before I grabbed the flip)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Imagine Nursery Tails

Here are photos from the book for the new Imagine cart Nursery Tails.  I only took one showing all the layers of the animals as there are I think a total of 75 pictures I took.  Then you have what they call Icons/extras and then some full patterned page type things (don't you love my descriptions) and then you have the printed papers and then the color scheme that comes with this cart.  But don't forget you can use your own RGB codes at any time.

These ones are NOT layered so I am thinking maybe a card background or something? 

 These boarders and little Icons below are also not boardered

 and the following are the printed papers that are included on this cart

 and finally the color scheme for this cart