Monday, November 29, 2010

Got some invitations done

While not exactly what I would have hoped for, at least they are done.  It's hard to do crafting with the munchkins and also when one little guy in particular keeps changing his mind about a party theme.

on a side note, I think I see a pattern developing in one unnamed little guy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Silence is not always golden

Today Drew decided to crawl in his play box and play.  Yipeee I was actually able to do the dishes.  But then that dreaded...................."something is TOO quiet" feeling. 

Just as I was heading to check I hear immense giggling

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

What a wonderful feeling to spend Thanksgiving at home with two precious little bundles.  Watching the parade

The turkey is done and Chance got to tear into it first, no official carving here LOL

Then we had to wait for Papa to get back home before "really" eating so what else is a man to do but lay on the couch and check out the ads

Turkey time has arrived, both edible and non edible

Then the two big men got to carry in the tree, all the men helped put up the lights.

Inspection time

And no tree is fully inspected unless you see it from the ground up

Friday, November 12, 2010

who doesn't love flowers?

I got some wonderful flowers from a super sweet Circle Sister this week.  Aren't these pretty?  There were two things in there that I did not know what they were but they fit in so perfectly.  There was a flower that almost looked like a rose coming out of cabbage and then there was the greenery that looks like a handle.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making your own Cardstock binders for the YourStory

This week the really cute YourStory Photo came out, the little sister to YourStory.  This new one does not laminate and has a smaller binding area, below is the description from HSN.  But back to the reason for this post, some folks were wondering how to make their own cardstock binders (with cardstock you can alter the cover in so many ways such as embossing)

This quick sample was made using some cardstock I picked up at Wal-Mart, I cut it at 5 x 12 inches then scored to fit my pages,  the scoring will all depend on how thick your project is.  After scoring I laid a strip of glue from my hot glue gun, let dry and then placed my pages on the strip, set in the original YourStory after it was warmed up and used the bind button (of course) as it was binding I held a small amount of pressure on the pages.

I have found with the glue gun technique you do not need to leave it in until it beeps.  Let cool and you have a book :)

YourStory Photo Personal Bookbinding Kit
Tell your story with attractively bound books you assemble in minutes, then embellish as desired. Create travel journals using vacation photos and postcards, make recipe books for holiday gifts, or design personalized party favors. It's a great way to turn photos, sketches, poems and more into treasured keepsakes.

YourStory Photo Personal Bookbinding Kit Features

  • Simple three-step process binds photos in a snap
  • Put photos inside the cover, place cover and photos into the machine, turn on machine and bind
  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • Perfect for binding standard 4" x 6" and 5" x 7" photo sizes 

  • Measurements:
Approx. 4.33"W x 10.67"L x 3.75"H 
  • Weight:
Approx. 1 lb.                                      

What a mess

Craig had said I could move back into the larger room for crafting, cool huh?  Well that entailed moving the kids into the smaller (freshly remodeled room) which was done easily once I packed up all the scrappy stuff and moved it out.

Then he was going to do the walls, floor and put up a new door and closet door.  Seems that must have taken a back seat, but I was not willing to wait until the cows came home to craft again so I just moved in with the old carpet, walls that have half the sesame street characters still left (someone had a great idea to mod podge them to the wall and let me tell you NOT A GOOD IDEA)

Trying to move stuff in an unfinished room and craft at the same time makes a huge mess.


There are some challenges going on right now between the members of the Circle Board and Wednesday's challenge was to use stars.  I have a little picture of a sweet little guy that really sends my heart over the moon so this is what I came up with.  It's not exactly what I had seen in my head, but I did get something done and that has really been missing around here lately.  So I am grateful that the challenge got me in my room and cutting.  Printed papers are from the Hopscotch stack from K&Co, glitter paper is from the Autumn Amber stack from DCWV.

Phrases cut from Nursery Rhymes cart at 2 7/8 inches with blackout shadow at the same size.  I cut the 4 you at the same size and used the Gypsy to make a shadow for the OU that I welded together.
the stars are from George and cut at 5 inches, 4 3/4 inches and 4 1/4 inches

 the green and blue ribbon are from Joann's

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Got a little crafting done.

I wanted to do something for the boys in their room with their names.  At first I had planned on doing them on canvas but I also want to add lots of other pictures (die cuts) and that can get expensive so I went with some foam board from the dollar store.  They are so light weight that they hang with two of the larger glue dots (Drew's have been up for a month and not fallen down)  And they are so cheap this way that we can change them out monthly if their tastes change LOL

Here are pics of Chance's before they were hung up
Font is Cindy Loo at 5 inches, animals were from Create a Critter at 3 inches except for the Newt, it came from Life's a Beach he is also at 3 inches I think.

The foam was cut at 5x7 so that I could get all the printed paper out of a stack since they only have 3 of the same patterns in a stack.  You can see how thin and lightweight they are.  I also inked around the edges to match the color of the letter.

Monday, November 1, 2010

No ghosts or goblins, but two cuties for Halloween

This was Drew's very first Halloween and he had fun.  I can't believe how well he just sat there for me to put his nose and whiskers on.  Chance didn't sit as still, but he loved dressing up and going door to door with Papa (Drew and I only did a few houses then we watched)