Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Ok so this little guy is a real bugger to put together, this is number 4 today and I finally have his layers right.  Later tonight when the boys are in bed, I will post step by step pictures and all the details of him.  He was cut at 4 inches from Best of Pixar.

Ok so here are the step by step layering that I did after 3 previous goofs.  

Ok that was a ton of pictures.  Everything was cut out of vinyl EXCEPT the green plant, brown boot and the darker yellow (didn't have two shades of yellow in vinyl)

Hope this helps anyone that is having trouble layering this little bugger.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bunny trails

Well the bunny came to the house, and the boys were all ready for him with his carrots LOL

In the morning Chance said he "heard" the bunny going "boing boing boing" bouncing around and he also said he had to get up and tell the bunny to stop "eating the carrot with his mouth open"  LOL

They loved that the bunny left foot prints

Timing was perfect that day as we were telling the boys the bunny comes back when it's light out to hide the eggs outside Chance got a view of our resident rabbits hopping around the back yard and just knew because there were two of them that they were hiding eggs, so I had Craig keep the boys away from the window and went out to hid the eggs.  Then the "bunny" called to tell us where Chance might find his and also where Drew's were (this way Chance wouldn't go for the easy ones)  We only had one "egg-ident" when Drew fell on a real egg, all others survived LOL

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fun with the bunny

So we went out to eat early for breakfast, then to the mall to see the Bunny, Chance even took him a carrot to eat LOL.  I don't know who had more fun, Chance giving the bunny a carrot, Drew strolling the mall like he was all grown up or Craig chasing them down LOL

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting that purging done

The house is getting emptied and I LOVE it.  I am not a duster or heavy duty cleaning type lady so the less to pick up and clean the better.  Bonus to all this is that I am hoping to make some money when I sell it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Non craft related posts

This will be the future home of posts that are not craft related, such as things about the boys and life in general

Ok big duh on my behalf this was supposed to go under pages, not posts, see I really am blog challenged LOL

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All for Chance

They say that little ones like and need schedules and security.  Well we are pretty much on the same schedule everyday, yet I admit to sometimes getting tired of hearing "is it lunch time yet"  "is it bath time" and so on.

So I came up with this project that I think will not only help him with the schedule, but also some security of "knowing" what is coming next, and help with his colors and numbers, maybe some word memorization, and maybe even telling time.

We have one of those huge vinyl wall clocks in the living room, you can't see in the picture but on the numbers are a very small dot of black velcro, to which I will attach the circles I made.

The circles were cut at 3.5 inches on George and the numbers are from Nate's ABC's at 2.5 inches.

And his little flip book (well it will be a flip book once all the stickles dry) was cut at 3 inch real dial size from George also.  They are going to be mounted on 3.5 inch square coasters I have and sealed with ModPodge.

All the various cuts are either from CHORE CHART or A CHILD'S LIFE (it's so late, I hope that is what its' called, if not I will fix this post in the morning LOL)  all cut at 2.5 inches, the bathtub and bed I stretched to fit a little better so I am not sure of those sizes.

Sorry about the picture quality I am dead tired after working on this for 4.5 hours and the cat was trying to walk through the stickles so I had to hurry.  Sorry that I didn't sweep the floor before pictures either, I was just too stinkin tired and my eyes were burning, back, shoulders and neck are killing me also.