Saturday, September 11, 2010

Started the prototype for Drew's Birthday invites

Since the little guy just loves when Steve reads and does the clues in the notebook, ya I know he's only 8 months but you would really think he knows what is going on by the way he watches and laughs at just the right time.

Anyway his birthday invites are going to be Drew's Clues.  And of course wanting to use my Cricut I am doing the doggie from Create a Critter for Blue so to us he might not even be close but when I showed Drew tonight he went nuts crawling after him and trying to kiss him.

Right now I just have the cover doggie,  and then inside are balloons and gifts and the clue will have something to do with a "party" then a house with a blue roof (because we really do have a white house with blue roofing) for the clue to location, then there is a baby with one candle for "who's birthday is it" and there will be a few blank pages for me to stick pics of Drew and then also the kiddos can put their own picture in after the party.


Shana said...

Wow that is just to clever. Alot of work but so adorable. Later in life he will appreciate the time you spend on him.

The Bug said...

I love the dog the most, but they are all great! You do wonderful work.

Anna K said...

This is so cute and a GREAT idea!! My son, who is now 13, LOVED blues clues! I really wish I had these options to make stuff like this when he was that little. Instead I had to use stickers I could find.

Beebeebabs said...

Soooo cute tfs!!!