Saturday, August 21, 2010

Well it's been a long time

I have been so neglectful I am surprised I have not been reported to the blog police.

But today was supposed to be an all day outside concert that I am going to beg off of.  Instead I am going to spend some time doing some more organizing of the craft room.  I might even take pictures of it if I get it all cleaned up.

I have to straighten and tighten up spaces on the inventory shelves as I have lots of stuff coming in soon.  A grundle of TC stampmakers are on their way (but those are going back out the same day I get them)  I have my Epiphany Crafts order coming in with those cute little epoxy and button makers, I have some cute glitter fluff coming in, hopefully my Cinch order will be here this week too, I have some Gypsies coming in, I just placed an order for some Bind it All's and supplies to go with them and I have to order up some more UltraFine Flowesoft (I better do that before I start in the craft room).

Once that is done I want to FORCE myself to do at least one layout, one card and something altered.

I will try to post some pictures tonight after the kidlets are in bed.  Hope you all have a productive day.

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