Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well would you look at this

I can't believe this poor little blog is still hanging on here in Cyberland.  With the move this summer and settling into the new place I have to admit, blogging and even crafting to a certain degree have not been a priority, ok who am I fooling, they haven't even been a mere thought.

But, I have made a few things and we are beginning to settle down nicely so I think that I might find some time for this little blog since it held out waiting for my return.

I will say though, that I think this is going to be a pretty well rounded blog from now on, a place to share ideas other than just crafting and of course maybe even a daily thought or two, bet that scares you huh?

Well I will say that today I did a month of meal preps (some cooking and others were just prepping to cook), if there are others out there that also do this I would love to see some of your blogs to get ideas.  I have to say that today went rather well considering it was really my first time from start to finish doing a whole month.

Now off to see about changing this background as I don't think Spring is anywhere to be found right now.


QuiltFrog said...

Glad to have you back in the mix. Hope you are enjoying your new place.

Michelle said...

Love the new blog design - now get creating girlie, want to see more posts.