Monday, April 25, 2011

Bunny trails

Well the bunny came to the house, and the boys were all ready for him with his carrots LOL

In the morning Chance said he "heard" the bunny going "boing boing boing" bouncing around and he also said he had to get up and tell the bunny to stop "eating the carrot with his mouth open"  LOL

They loved that the bunny left foot prints

Timing was perfect that day as we were telling the boys the bunny comes back when it's light out to hide the eggs outside Chance got a view of our resident rabbits hopping around the back yard and just knew because there were two of them that they were hiding eggs, so I had Craig keep the boys away from the window and went out to hid the eggs.  Then the "bunny" called to tell us where Chance might find his and also where Drew's were (this way Chance wouldn't go for the easy ones)  We only had one "egg-ident" when Drew fell on a real egg, all others survived LOL

3 comments: said...

So cute!

I just love the bunny foot print idea!

Melissa said...

OMGoodness! The bunny foot prints is an adorable idea!

Scrapper69 said...

Just sooooo CUTE! :o) Love the carrots had been eaten! :O) and the bunny prints! :O)