Sunday, December 5, 2010

Birthday party stuff

Well I was without Internet almost all day today so I had some time to work on a special little guy's party.

I used some foam we had laying around for the "street", inked it up brown (ummm ink likes to come off the foam all over your hands) and then added some buildings a horse and some landscaping.  I am not yet done, I think I want to add a fence around the bunkhouse.  I cut everything as large as I could on a 12x12 mat then mounted them on foam board (yes I still have some trimming to do) and then to craft sticks to stick them in the street.

Several times my shirt sleeve got hung up on the corner of the foam and my marker lines are wobbly but it is a party for 3 year olds so I wasn't about to redo them.

I also got everything cut out for the goodie bags but only two assembled.

I also got the silverware (plasticware) holders cut and assembled.

The "town" will sit on a cabinet and on the wall behind it there will be craft paper hung and I am going to try to do some mountain scenes on that.


Shana said...

Oh, that is just to cute, I am sure they are all going to have such a great time, and kids don't see the stupid little flaws, that just seem to glare at us. Your a great grandma for all you are doing for your boys.

M.M. DeZigns said...

That is an awesome idea! Everything is going to be great!

Oh! I also need you to stop by my blog & pick up something a little special that I have for you!


TeresaK said...

What a great party it is going to be! Have a great time!